Renewed Focus on English Proficiency at School Meeting

MDAC Meeting

From left to right: Raul Morales, Harpreet Sandhu, Jorge Tovar and Jessica Tovar discuss parent teacher conferences at the opening meeting for the Multilingual District Advisory Committee

By Nicholas Kusnetz

Parents and teachers of English learners met Thursday night with the goal of doing more this year to help their children move quicker to English proficiency. At the opening meeting of the Multilingual District Advisory Committee, members discussed how to speed reclassification, when a student is no longer considered an English learner.

“Too many of our students are taking too long to meet our requirements,” said Susan Dunlap, district administrator with English language services, in an earlier interview.

The meeting featured a session on how to make the most of parent teacher conferences, an update on district board meetings and an explanation of letters sent to parents by the district. Dunlap also gave a presentation to help people run their English Language Advisory Committees, which advice school staff on English learner programs and are required at each school with at least 21 English learners.

The district committee is comprised of representatives from each of the English Language Advisory Committees, which are at more than 50 schools. Another meeting will be held Friday morning for those who could not make Thursday’s session.


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